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2023 Events Calendar


From Opening Day to Memorial Day Weekend, we’re ringing in the camping season in style with great events and discounts!


The month of June is about family scavenger hunts, pot lucks, Father’s Day ‘Stache Bash, and a Pirate Beach Party!


Summer is in full swing for the month of July– kicked off with our Apple Pie Fourth of July bash, a Hawaiian Christmas Beach Party, Summer Olympics and a Talent Show.


August is a celebration of creepy creatures (Hocus Pocus, Zombie Week, Halloween Games), sports fun, and of course relaxing by the lake in-between!


The last few weeks of summer are gorgeous here, and we make the most of them from Labor Day to our Fantastic Beasts Weekend!


The late season is the perfect time to squeeze in a couple more fun weekends at Keen Lake with autumn splendor in full swing!